The Opioid Education Foundation of America
Mission Statement

The Opioid Education Foundation of America is dedicated to preventing the abuse of opioid-based painkillers that is at the heart of the opioid epidemic, which is now taking nearly 100,000 lives annually. It will do this through educating the key stakeholders, arming them with the knowledge they need to take effective steps to substantially reduce new instances of substance abuse disorder.

More specifically, The Opioid Education Foundation of America will devise, provide and advance Continuing Medical Education opportunities in safe prescribing for physicians, dentists, nurses and any other medical practitioners authorized to prescribe opioid-based painkillers and inform all prescribers on the local laws that pertain to the prescribing of opioids. It will educate patients and their families, including children, parents and grandparents, as well as teachers and athletes, on the addictive qualities of opioids and on the availability of non-opioid pain relief alternatives. Additionally, it will provide broad education through PSA’s, among other ways of reaching the public on the safe disposal of opioid-based painkillers in order to prevent diversion.